Malaysia Must Unite — Covid-19 Will Not Respect Ethnic, Religious Or Political Boundaries

6th March 2020

A More Coherent Government Response

20th March 2020

Duty to Prepare - Malaysian Health Coalition

21st March 2020

Joint Press Statement by Senior Citizens’ Non-Governmental Organizations and Affiliated Medical Societies on the Plight of Older Malaysians during the CoVID-19 Pandemic

22nd March 2020

The Malaysian Thoracic Society Recommendations On Endoscopy Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

25th March 2020

Strengthening Health Expertise in Government Decisions

2nd April 2020

The Malaysian Thoracic Society Recommendations on Inhalational Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5th April 2020

MHC - Additional Measures during MCO Phase3

12th April 2020


14th April 2020

MHC - All Ministries Must Decide Based on Health Expertise

16th April 2020

Celebrating Ramadan During MCO

20th April 2020

MHC Statement - Strategies for the Post-MCO Period

23rd April 2020

MHC Statement - Non-Citizen Health is Public Health

29th April 2020

MHC Statement - Planning for a Phased Restart

4th May 2020

MHC Statement - Lead Malaysia with Consistent Public Health Policies

9th May 2020

MTS Press Statement on Use of Face masks

11th May 2020

Kenyataan Media Mengenai Penggunaan Topeng Muka Semasa Pandemik COVID-19

11th May 2020

Global Solutions for Global Access for Covid–19 Diagnostics, Treatments & Vaccines: Include Malaysia and Other Middle-Income Countries in All Licensing Agreements

19th May 2020

Frequently Asked Questions: Global Solutions for Global Access for Covid-19 Diagnostics, Treatments & Vaccines

19th May 2020

Joint Statement - Public Health Policies must be Inclusive and Durable

1st June 2020

Stay Vigilant during Recovery MCO

10th June 2020

MHC - Patient Safety is Our Priority

3rd July 2020

Remain Vigilant to Avoid Second Wave and Another Lockdown

22nd July 2020

MHC - Focus on Consistent Enforcement of MCO

25th Aug 2020

MHC Statement - Protect and Recognise Malaysia’s Health Professionals

14th Sept 2020