Research Grant Application is now closed


Research grant applications for lung cancer and ILD topics will be preferred, but research studies on other areas may still be submitted for consideration.


Past Years' MTS Research Grant Awardees - click here

General Objectives:

  • to encourage research activities in the field of respiratory medicine in Malaysia
  • to support our national initiative towards the creation of a competitive, innovative, creative and knowledge-based society


Specific Objectives:

  • to contribute to scientific knowledge on local disease patterns, mechanisms, prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases
  • to recognise and support the efforts of Malaysian scientific researchers
  • to advance research capacity and collaboration among researchers and institutions in Malaysia.


Quantum of the research grant:

  • up to a maximum of RM 50,000 per year and a maximum duration of 2 years
  • this sum may be awarded to a single successful applicant or divided into a few grants depending on the decision made by the vetting committee appointed by the MTS Council.


Terms and Conditions:

  • All applicants must be Malaysian Thoracic Society Members.
  • All applicants need to sign a contract of agreement with the MALAYSIAN THORACIC SOCIETY to comply with all the terms and conditions stipulated by the Society.
  • All applicants need to furnish the Society a half yearly progress report.
  • All research must be performed in line with the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines/Good Laboratory Practice Guidelines.
  • Respective Research and Ethics Committee approval needs to be obtained.
  • Failure to comply with the above terms may result in termination of the issuance of subsequent research grants.
  • The MTS Council reserves the right to terminate the issuance of the research grant at any time at its discretion.
  • The researchers shall publish the research findings and also present them at a MTS Congress.
  • The researchers must acknowledge MTS funding in their publication(s).


Process of application:

  • The details of the research grant are available on the MTS website.
  • Applicants need to download  a standard proposal form from the website.
  • Completed application form is to be submitted to the MTS secretariat (
  • Research proposals will be vetted by a Selection Committee, whose decision shall be final.
  • The outcome of the application will be announced in the Society’s website (about 2 months after the deadline).  In addition,  all applicants will be informed of the results by email.


Click here to download the application / proposal form.