MTS Committees

The following Committees were formed and members appointed for the term 2017 - 2019

  1. Education and Training Committee - Dr Asiah Kassim (Chair), Assoc Prof Dr Pang Yong Kek, Prof Dr How Soon Hin, Dr Nurhayati binti Mohd Marzuki and Dr Tie Siew Teck.  
  2. Science and Research Committee - Prof Dr Liam Chong Kin (Chair), Prof Dr Roslina binti Abdul Manap, Assoc Prof Dr Surendran Thavagnanam, Dr Lalitha Pereirasamy and Dr Ahmad Izuanuddin bin Ismail.
  3. Standards of Care Committee - Prof Dr Roslina bt Abdul Manap (Chair), Dato’ Dr Abdul Razak bin Abdul Muttalif, Dr Rus Anida bt Awang, Assoc Prof Dr Anna Marie Nathan and Dr Andrea Ban Yu Lin.
  4. Information Technology Committee – Assoc Prof Dr Pang Yong Kek (Chair), Dr Hooi Lai Ngoh, Dr Hilmi Lockman, Dr Aisya Natasya binti Musa and Dr Tan Jiunn Liang.
  5. Spirometry Steering Committee – Dr Asiah binti Kassim  (Chair), Assoc Prof Dr Pang Yong Kek, Dr Tengku Saifudin bin Tengku Ismail, Assoc Prof Dr Ahmad Izuanuddin bin Ismail, Dr Wong Jyi Lin, Dr Goon Ai Khiang, Dr Muventhiran A/L Ruthranesan, Dr Andrea Ban Yu-Lin, Dr Tie Siew Teck, Dr Nurhayati binti Mohd Marzuki, Dr Tan Jiunn Liang


The roles of each subcommittee are as stipulated below:


MTS Education and Training Committee
Role of this committee:

  • To develop courses and conduct workshop for the Society
  • To liaise with Information & Technology Committee in the development of e-learning courses
  • To provide feedback to the NSR’s Respiratory Medicine Training & Examination Committees to keep the respiratory curriculum in tandem with the current and future development of the discipline
  • To work with the Standards of Care Committee to promote guidelines-recommended medical care developed by the Society.

MTS Science and Research Committee
Role of this committee:

  • To promote the advances of science in respiratory medicine
  • To set the direction of research programme in the country
  • To vet the applications of MTS Research Grant submitted to the Society
  • To make recommendation to the Council for the award of Society’s grant.
  • To explore and recommend research network for members of the Society.

MTS Information Technology Committee
Role of this committee:

  • To provide advice to Society on matters related to information technology and electronic communication.
  • To liaise with Education and Training Committee in the process of developing the e-learning courses
  • To liaise with Society's appointed webmaster, app developer as well as secretariat staff in the management of MTS website, conference apps and E-learning site.

MTS Standards of Care Committee
Role of this committee:

  • To provide advice to the Society where guidelines on certain treatment areas are deemed necessary.  This includes advice on the need to revise existing guidelines.
  • To produce Quality Standards (based on existing guidelines), with the aim to guide clinicians/planners/patients on the standards of care that a patient with a particular disease/condition should expect.
  • To identify research questions arising from Guidelines and Quality Standards.


MTS Spirometry Steering Committee 
Role of this committee:

  • To prepare education modules and teaching material for Spirometry education in Malaysia.
  • To provide professional advice on enquiries relating to Spirometry practice in Malaysia.
  • To collaborate with multi-disciplinary groups and other agencies interested in Spirometry education and training in Malaysia both in the government and private sectors.
  • To plan initiatives for education and training for other Lung Function Tests in Malaysia.
Last update 10 Dec 2018